Banjira Deluxe Yoga Traveler Harmonium

Banjira Deluxe Yoga Traveler Harmonium

Regular price $ 619.00 Sale price $ 499.00
    • Traveler, 3 1/2 Octaves, 3 Drones, 42 Keys
    • 6-fold Bellows, Left or Right
    • Padded Gig Bag
    • Two Reed Banks: Male & Bass
    • A=440 Hz (+-3 cents)
    • A Must for yoga, Meditation & Kirtan
This traveler model harmonium only weighs 21 lbs., and the top of case can fold over to close it. The keyboard pops up for playing and can be easily placed in locked-down position for storage and travel. When closed, the height of harmonium is 8 inches and when open with the keyboard popped up, the height is 13 inches.  

The reeds in the harmonium are tuned to 440 +/- 3 cents prior to shipping.  

The multi-fold bellows can be opened for Left or Right Handed playing and provides airflow to the 32 keys, with a note range from 2G to 6F  and produces excellent sound volume. 

Important Specifications:

Accessories Included: Padded gig bag

Item Dimensions in inches: OPEN: 23.5L x 13H x 12W; CLOSED: 23.5L x 8H x 12W

Keys: 42 keys; 3.5 Octaves

Knobs: (3 drones and 3 air controls)
Drones: Left to Right: knob #4=3C, knob # 5=3D, knob #6=3G 
Air Controls: Left to Right: knob # 1 controls the bass reeds, knob # 2 controls the male reeds, knob #3 controls the bass vibrato

Front Reed Bank: 3C to 6F (Male Voice)
Back Reed Bank: 2G to 5F (Bass Voice)

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