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Stagi W15S 30-Button Anglo Concertina G/D (used)

Regular price $ 600.00

Italian-made Stagi 30-button Anglo concertina in G/D (these concertinas have a chromatic range, but favor the two keys noted). Anglo concertinas play a different note on the push & pull direction. Black with metal ends and metal buttons, 6-fold bellows. Hard case included.

Very good condition; originally purchased at our shop a few years ago. 

Please note: concertinas can be very subject to changes in environmental conditions, especially during shipping. We can guarantee a concertina will be in good condition when leaving our shop, but if playability issues occur during transit, we cannot pursue a damage claim unless there is visible damage to packaging or the item. Most issues can be resolved with small adjustments to the mechanisms by opening up the instrument, as well as letting the concertina "settle" into its new environment for a couple of days.