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Lexicon MPX 100 Multi Effects Processor (used)

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Lexicon MPX 100 effects processor. This unit came to us via a large estate collection of recording studio gear. Very good condition, tested and working fine. Power cable included.

240 Factory Programs; 16 User programs in one rack space!

• Classic true stereo reverb programs: Ambience, Plate, Chamber, Gate, Hall and Room as well as
Tremolo, Rotary, Chorus, Flange, Pitch, Detune, 5.7 second Delay and Echo
• Dual Effect configurations include Dual Mono, Dual Stereo, Cascade and Parallel with combinations
of Flange, Pitch, Chorus, Delay and Reverb
• Front panel Adjust knob allows instant control over the current program
• Easy-to-use Learn mode patches a MIDI Controller or Program Change to as many as 5 front panel
controls (Mix, Effects Level/Balance, Adjust, Bypass and Tap)
• Tempo-controlled rates and delay times lock to Tap tempo or MIDI Clock
• Tap tempo can be set by audio Input, the front panel Tap button, optional footswitch, MIDI controller
or Program Change
• Dry or Muted audio output can be controlled from the front panel Bypass button, optional footswitch,
MIDI Controller or Program Change
• 24-bit Digital Signal Processing
• 20-bit A/D, D/A with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz ±1dB
• Analog outputs provide >95dB Dynamic Range
• S/PDIF digital output provides simultaneous wet or dry 20-bit digital output with >100dB Dynamic
• High impedance input allows you to use a variety of instruments from guitars to keyboards
• Left output doubles as a headphone output
• Software-selectable MIDI OUT/THRU port
• System mode provides access to system-wide settings and MIDI features:
Assign front panel Bypass button as Input Mute or Bypass
Enable or Disable Learned Patches
Mute or Bypass during Program loads
Wet or Dry Digital Output
Enable or Disable MIDI Program change
Enable or Disable incoming MIDI Clock
Global or Program Specific Tempo
MIDI Dumps for the current program, all 16 User Programs, or System mode settings