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Pair of Tung-Sol JAN 6550 Tubes (used)

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Set of 2 Tung-Sol JAN 6550 tubes that appear to be used in the original boxes. They came to us via a large estate collection of studio gear. JAN spec in very good condition!

These tubes were made in the U.S.A. by Tung-Sol in the 1960s. They are the grey plate, 3-hole version, with one top "O" getter and 2 side "O" getters. DATE CODES: 6624

Tested on an Orange DIVO VT100 Digital Tube Tester; one with a rating of 7, the other 8.

A premium tube for vintage guitar amps, bass heads, organs and any other hi-fi amplification requiring that smooth, warm performance of a 6550 tube.

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