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Brian Dean Renaissance Bowl-Back Mandolin (used)

Regular price $ 5,000.00

Bowlback mandolin made by Canadian luthier Brian Dean in Nov. 2004 (#20). Dean is considered one of the greatest mandolin luthiers in North America. It has 13 ribs (dark mahogany alternating with rosewood, divided by maple strips), a spruce top, hand-carved rosette (first ever use by Dean!), two auxiliary soundholes with carved & engraved rabbit and crescent moon. Lute-style angled headstock. Originally had friction pegs, but was converted to geared tuners by Brian Dean at the request of owner. Ebony bridge & fretboard, 7 frets to the body, 1 1/8" nut width, brass tailpiece. A padded leatherette soft case is included.

Our senior luthier performed the following repairs: refit tailpiece, bush endpin hole & screw holes, refit end pin. Setup/action adjusted, re-fitted bridge shim, adjust nut slots, new strings. Overall, very good condition. There is some slight fret flattening on the lower 4 frets, but that does not compromise playability.

The mandolin has a beautiful, warm, lute-like tone. None of the barky quality of many F and A-style mandolins.

Brian Dean builds about 8 instruments a year in his solo workshop, and has a considerable waiting list. His instruments are played by some of the finest talents in mandolin today. His philosophy is simple: "don't complicate it." Each mandolin is brought to life from the rawest of lumber and metals, shaped unhurriedly by hand tools, and tuned to resonant golden standards by self-taught methods.

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