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Henson Banjo-Mandolin ca. 1935 (used)

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This fabulously decorated Henson resonator banjolin was recently acquired through a large estate sale of 60+ instruments. It has been newly set up, restrung, cleaned, and restored by our senior HMT luthier so it is in very good condition for its age!

The neck has some cosmetic wear typical of an instrument that has been regularly played, although it has now received the following repairs:

-Refitted with a new 11" head
-Frets have been retouched
-Fitted with new tenor banjo tailpiece
-Tuners have been serviced
-Restrung with D'Addario light gauge mandolin strings

Our luthier believes that this instrument was likely made by Slingerland -- or possibly Oscar Schmidt/Regal. It has a pearloid fingerboard and faceplate, silver paint finish, and the embossed flange attached to the resonator, center bolt mounted. Scale measures 14". Nut measures 1 and 1/2".

Case is not included.