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Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 Harp w/Partial Levers, Stand, Case (used)

Regular price $ 1,249.00

Dusty Strings Ravenna 26-string folk harp in excellent condition, with accessories. This harp has levers on the C & F strings. With this lever configuration, you can switch easily between the keys of C, G and D major, and A, E and B minor. Other strings can be retuned as needed to play in other keys.

This harp includes a soft padded carrying case, a drop-down extension leg which adjusts the height of the harp while playing, and an attachable stand with 12-inch legs. 

We replaced a few strings before putting the harp out for sale; overall it's in very good condition. This would be a great starter package for a beginning harpist!

The Ravenna 26 is a 3.5-octave harp with solid ash neck & pillar, and laminated European birch soundbox with black ash-grained vinyl veneer; laminated European birch soundboard. It weighs approximately 14 lbs without the stand.

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McKinley chose the Ravenna 26 as one of her Staff Picks - here's what she has to say about it!
"When it finally came time for me to invest in a harp, I had been hesitant about buying the Ravenna because it felt like I would eventually regret buying a smaller-bodied harp and it would feel like I had skimped out on my investment. However, the Ravenna's size is now my favorite thing about it! It's portable, but it still has amazing volume, warmth, and clarity. Since it only weighs 14 pounds, I can carry it to and fro without breaking a sweat—and with the drop-down lever, I've been able to stash it in the backseat of my four-door, drive to the park, and join my friends for a jam circle, all while I'm seated on a stump. It's an excellent starter for someone who is just picking up the harp, but it's also an awesome model for a veteran harpist who would prefer something more convenient than a 50-pound full-size. Plus, it's so affordable!"