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Edward R. Turner Double-Neck Humle Citera Dulcimer w/Case (used)

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This instrument has a Humlé body design with 2 Langspiel fingerboards. We originally identified it as a Hungarian citera, but upon a consult with dulcimer builder Carl Gotzmer, it is more correctly identified as a Humle, with 2 Langspiel fingerboards.

We acquired this instrument from the widow of its original owner. It is in excellent -- almost Like New -- condition with just some very light wear to the exterior of the original all-solid cherry hard case.

The pictured tuning chart has the left 5 melody strings tuned to G. Each of the two fretboards then play the ascending whole notes and the ascending semi-tones respectively. If turned sideways, the fretboards can have a similar visual element to a keyboard. The drone strings, on the other hand, are tuned to C and G. We are including a small stack of email correspondences and letters from the luthier detailing how the instrument can be tuned to more traditional Hungarian tunings and playing styles.

Additionally, all of the melody strings are .018" while the drones are strung with .014"s (there is a note from the luthier that all of the drone strings could also be substituted with .016"s.)

The case and instrument were both made by Edward R. Turner, an esteemed Canadian luthier who made a name for himself out of his Vancouver workshop by crafting replicas of historic 19th century instruments, such as harpsichords, hurdy gurdies, and lutes.

The top is solid Canadian sitka spruce, the back and sides are all-solid cherry, and the fingerboard appears to be ebony. T-handle tuning wrench and additional strings included.