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High Spirits "Spirit" Flute in High C, Madrone

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Our Spirit Flute 440 Hz Traditional flute in the key high 'C' minor is handcrafted from madrone, a durable hardwood that gives the flute a clear bright voice.

This flute is 12 inches (30.5 cm) in length. Its compact size and sleek design makes it an ideal choice for travel or for outdoor activities such as hiking or backpacking. The short mouthpiece provides ample back-pressure to accentuate clarity on the higher register notes while minimizing moisture buildup.

All High Spirit Flutes are sealed with non-toxic oils, which gives them a warm, resonant, and full voice.

This is a 6-hole flute.  We cover the 3rd hole from the top of the flute (known as the 6th hole) with a leather tie, giving the option to use it as a 6-hole or a 5-hole flute.