Casey Burns Small-Handed Low D Irish Flute, Rosewood (used)

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Three-piece rosewood flute in Low D, built by Casey Burns in Washington state. This flute is specially designed for players with smaller hands who find the reach of standard low D flutes a bit big. From Casey's website:

"For the Small-Handed player, I bring the finger holes together as close as possible on my Standard flute design, and make adjustments to the bore and to the undercutting of the tone holes, to produce a flute that plays as well as the larger holed flutes, but with a m5uch smaller finger spacing. The second and third holes for each hand are also offset or rotated to aid the reach and a good seal by the finger pad. The fingers should not have to cramp up in order to play the Irish flute - more relaxed fingers facilitate the playing of ornamentation. The smaller holes actually speak a bit quicker. However, the smaller holes slightly reduce the bottom voice of the scale. If you have small hands, consider this instrument."

Padded green soft case is included. Flute is in excellent condition; not much wear.