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14" Jade Green Ajna Steel Tongue Drum (used)

Regular price $ 300.00

Comparable to Handpans and other steel drums, this 14" drum has 9 notes. With the center note tuned to E, the surrounding tongues are A#, E, C, G#, F#, A#, D#, and F.

This drum -- which was sold back to us by an HMT employee -- is in excellent cosmetic condition save for a dot of red paint on the center tongue (pictured). The original mallets are wrapped in duct tape for a better grip, but we also have additional sets of new Hardwood mallets available for purchaseGig bag included.

For a demonstration of what these enchanting drums sound like, check out this video of a larger double-sided Ajna drum below!

We are always very impressed with the adaptability and rich tonality of the Ajna Drums. They sound great using either hands or mallets to strike, and are made in the USA, mainly right near us in Virginia!