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Lido Model 200 120-Bass Piano Accordion (used)

Sale price $ 1,200.00 Regular price $ 1,500.00

This exquisite Italian-made piano accordion is in excellent condition! Its original owner has been cleaning and maintaining the instrument himself for the last 50 years and he is only now letting it go since he recently upgraded to one of our larger accordion models.

This accordion still has the original straps and all of the original hardware except for the bellows straps. While the bellows in newer accordions are often stiff and creaky from lack of use, these bellows have the lively spring and responsive touch of an instrument that has been regularly and lovingly played for many years!

The corners of the bass side plate are slightly yellowed with age; three of the keys are not quite leveled with their neighbors; and the bellow tape has some very light wear typical of a used accordion.

There is a hard case included with the instrument. Most of the velvet interior is in very good condition, although there are two holes that have worn through the lining at the hinges (pictured). The leather exterior also have some corner linings that are coming loose (pictured).

-Made in Italy!
-4 LM treble switches
-2 bass registers
-20 pounds
-18 and 1/2" keyboard with 41 keys
-Pearloid exterior
-Hard case included

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