Lyon & Healy American Conservatory Mandolin (used)

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Ca. 1920, "American Conservatory No. 2515." Well constructed flat-back, oval hole bent-top mandolin, made by Lyon & Healy. Many similar examples sold under Washburn, S.S. Stewart, Sterling, Bruno labels, et al - peghead designs vary.

Basic model with solid mahogany neck, back and sides, close-grained spruce top with inlaid pickguard. Excellent condition - lightly used. This instrument has been opened and every brace reglued or replaced. No cracks or structural issues. Inset tuners are not worn and work smoothly. Clear, sweet tone.

All original, including compensated bridge for accurate intonation. Very healthy and easy to play. Fully reconditioned and guaranteed 90 days by luthier-owner. Cosmetically sold as-is. No case.