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Custom String Set for Trinity College Irish Bouzouki

Regular price $ 12.75

The Trinity College Irish Bouzouki comes from the factory with the D and G courses in octave tuning. Some players opt to switch this out for a unison tuning (which usually requires a bit of setup work to the nut/bridge), in which case the D'Addario EJ81Irish bouzouki set works fine as a replacement set (this set also works on the Trinity College Octave Mandolin, which comes in unison tuning).

However, if you want to keep the octave tuning setup, there is no pre-packaged string set currently available on the market in the correct gauges. That's where we come in! We can make up a custom set for you with loop end strings in these gauges:

- E .012 / .012
- A .016 / .016
- D .026 / .012
- G .045 (wound) / .016