Gibson TB-JR Tenor Banjo (used)

Regular price $ 800.00

This model of tenor banjo was only produced between 1920 and 1925. Though some examples have 20 frets, including a fretboard extending over the head, it does not appear to our luthier that this has been modified -  although this fingerboard only has 18 frets accessible and comes flush with the pot. The production number (11140A-19) points to it being a late example, probably 1925, so it is possible that it was built like this at Gibson. If not, the removal and resetting was done expertly.

The banjo plays smoothly and the tone has a subtle warmth to it despite its 10 1/2" diameter Remo synthetic head. The rim hardware is somewhat oxidized. This banjo came to us in very good playing condition; we just did a restring (currently set up for standard CGDA tuning).

This instrument comes with a Superior brand gig bag.