Sat. January 18th - Clawhammer Banjo Workshops w/Cathy Fink

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1pm Technique Tune-Up is SOLD OUT! We do have room for a few walk-ins for Int-Adv Tunes.

- Saturday January 18th, 2020
- Held at HMT's Lessons Studio (7010 Westmoreland Ave Takoma Park MD). Please see this page for detailed info about accessibility - this location is not handicap accessible.

Sorry, no proration for missed classes.
More info on our workshop registration and cancellation policies

Grammy-winning artist Cathy Fink will be teaching two workshops for Clawhammer banjo players! See info below and choose your class in the drop-down menu before adding to cart.

1:00-2:00pm: Technique Tune-Up ($35)

For all levels of players. Improve your overall technique, tone, timing and fluidity. Though this is a group class, each participant will be given suggestions. Learn to milk the tone from your banjo, get the most out of left hand positioning, improve your right hand with drills and exercises. Focusing on technique leads to better playing and more enjoyment. Includes tips and tricks for efficient practice, building speed and fluidity.

2:15-4:15pm: Intermediate/Advanced Tunes ($55)

Students must be able to play in G tuning and double C tuning, and be fluent in double thumping (drop thumb). Two tunes will be taught:
D –Briar Picker Brown (Source- Kentucky fiddler Buddy Thomas)
This tune can be played with drive, but also with detail. Learn to play a clean triplet, a synchopated Galax lick, the fiddler’s notes, but also other accompaniment ideas.
G – Shoes and Stockings (Source- Henry Reed, Alan Jabbour)
We will learn this in the common G tuning (gDGBD) and in “Sandy River Belle” tuning (gEAC#E-still in the key of G). Though the melody is simple, there are lots of things you can play to keep it interesting. Each of these tunings offers different characteristics when playing the tune. Open G has more drive, Sandy River Belle tuning has incredible efficiency and more opportunities to play in the higher octave.

Space is limited! Advance registration recommended.