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Vintage Unmarked "Project" Banjo, Needs Repair (used)

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This item is sold in as-is condition; no returns. Please read the following description carefully before purchasing.

This "project banjo" came to us as part of a large estate collection of over 60 string instruments. The previous owner may have planned to restore it eventually, but did not get around to it. What we have here is a fully restored pot, with a likely-mismatched tenor banjo neck that is in poor shape. The short version is that this would make a great vintage pot for an eventual 5-string banjo, if you have a 5-string neck to go with it. The tenor neck may or may not be useful, but we are including it - as well as a vintage hardshell case which fits the pot nicely, is in good shape and has value on its own.

More details:

The pot is unusual, large and very high quality, probably dating to the 1920s. Spun-over rim. The plating is great shape, hardware is nice, and it has an arch-top ring. Our senior luthier completed the following work on the pot:
- Full disassembly, clean & polish
- Installed new 12 7/16" fiberskyn head
- Replaced some missing hooks & nuts with matching vintage parts

The tenor neck is probably not original to the pot - though the dowel stick may have come from the pot (it's the right length). It has a Gretsch sort of headstock pattern that is probably of a later era, and the heel has been cut down too short. It also has a 15th-fret joint, which is odd. 1 3/16" nut. The fretboard was separated from the neck and our luthier reglued that. But the neck is in such poor shape with a bad fit to the pot that we opted not to try and restore this as a whole unit. Again, we think the pot would be better suited to a 5-string neck.