Vintage Buckbee-style Openback Banjo (used)

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Turn-of-the-century openback banjo with Buckbee-style Brazilian rosewood neck. Maker unknown, but verified by our luthier and a collector-consultant to be of that vintage. 11-inch solid rosewood rim. It is possible that the rim hardware may have been replaced at some point with reproductions - but the originals, if clean, can look that way - so we can't be sure. The peg holes appear to be tapered, so the current friction tuners are not original, though they are pretty old. It could be retro-fitted to wood pegs or "pegheds" gears if desired.

Our luthier believes this may have started life as a fretless banjo. Frets were added at some point but were not done well, and intonation was off. Our luthier installed a new fretboard and intonation is now much improved. He also replaced the skin head and the bridge, and set up with Aquila nylgut strings.

Access Stage One gig bag included. Shipping is $50 within the continental US.