Windsor Artiste No. 2 5-String Banjo (used)

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An unusual vintage banjo! Sometimes called a "zither banjo." Made between 1880-1920 (tone ring is stamped 99 - which could indicate 1899 - and neck brace is stamped 111 - which could be January, 1911). At first glance, it appears to be a 6 string banjo. However, the 5th string is threaded through the neck and attached to one of the tuners on the headstock. One of the tuners remains a "dummy." Brazilian rosewood pot/resonator (11.5 inches), skin head (8.5 inches).

This banjo was recently restored, though not in our shop. The work completed included disassembly & cleaning, new goatskin head, resonator chips repaired with Brazilian rosewood (and curly maple for trim), 2 inlays replaced at 7th & 10th frets, cracked tuning knobs reglued, setup with new bridge.

Currently, the fret ends are a tad sharp, but seem to be improving with further humidification. Overall good condition.

Hard case included.