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The Guitar Grimoire by Adam Kadmon - Set of 7 Books (used)

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Set of 7 books in Adam Kadmon's "Guitar Grimoire" series. Published by Carl Fischer, first printing. All books are in near-mint condition and sold as a set:

- The Guitar Grimoire - Scales and Modes
- The Guitar Grimoire - Chords and Voicings
- The Guitar Grimoire - A Notated Intervallic Study of Scales
- The Guitar Grimoire - Progressions and Improvisation
- The Guitar Grimoire - Chord Encyclopedia
- The Bass Grimoire
- The Keyboard Grimoire - Scales, Modes, Chords & Voicings

For more information on this series, visit the Guitar Grimoire website. If new, this set would cost $280 + shipping.

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