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"The Bell" Puntolillo Banjo-Guitar (used)

Regular price $ 1,675.00

This lightweight, vibrant 6-string banjitar -- which we recently acquired in a large estate sale of 60+ instruments -- is a rare and unusual find! With its massive open back, its sound has a long, sweet sustain and resonance that lives up to its name.

This was likely made between 1919 and 1924. Since Puntolillo designed many tenor models for other banjo makers, we believe that this was a custom-made variation on his design for "The Bell" tenor banjos he was making at the time.

Our senior HMT luthier described it as the "best-sounding banjo-guitar that he has ever heard," and he has fully restored the instrument with the following repairs:

-Complete disassembly, clean/polish all parts
-Newly installed fiberskyn head
-Replaced treble-side tuners
-Repaired fretboard inlays
-Dressed and conditioned fingerboard, reglued bottom end
-Repaired rim (separations vertical and horizontal, piece in-cap, etc.)
-9 hooks and nuts, vintage -- matching design, non-matching thread
-New 6-string tension tailpiece
-New 6-string maple/ebony bridge measuring 5/8"
-Restrung with D'Addario EJ16 set

The wood rim measures in at a whopping 14 and 3/16" with bold marquetry. The instrument itself has a heavy "toilet seat" tone ring; 26 round hooks; rounded L-shoes; heavy tension hoop holes in the top for hooks; maple neck; pearwood fretboard; fancy pearl inlay; 17 frets; and a slotted peghead. Scale measures 25" and the nut measures 1 and 9/16". Weighs 7.6 pounds.

Now in very good condition with some cosmetic wear typical of an aged instrument, although there are some noticeable nicks and dings around the headstock. New Access gig bag included! Free shipping within the continental US!