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Gibson A-3 Pumpkin Top Mandolin, 1914 (used)

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Gibson A-3 Pumpkin Top mandolin (A-style, oval-hole), made in 1914 (s/n 16613). Recently repaired by our senior luthier who specializes in vintage restorations; now in very good condition - a very nice example of this model, and plays well:
- Remove & refit pickguard, glue treble end of brace
- Dress frets (level/crown/polish)
- New bone nut
- Bridge raised with shim
- Ebony saddle insert (E) fabricated
- Adjusted, cleaned & polished, restrung with D'Addario EJ74

Original hard case is included - plenty of wear, but still in serviceable condition. 

Previous owner is a player/collector who has sold several of their mandolin-family instruments through us, slowly paring down their collection.