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1965 Harmony Stella Guitar (used)

Regular price $ 349.00

This funky little steel-string is a classic entry-level Stella that is in fair cosmetic condition!

We recently acquired this instrument through a large estate sale of 60+ instruments. It has been newly restored, polished, and cleaned by our senior HMT luthier with additional repairs including:

-Bridge replacement and adjustment
-Nut adjustment
-Fret polishing
-NOS pickguard installment
-Overspray touch up across the side cracks (pictured)
-Restrung with flatwound strings

This guitar has a shaded black/amber top; black back, sides, and neck; and a 1-piece stamped tailpiece. Its nut measures 2"; scale measures 24".

The neck is surprisingly thick for a smaller bodied guitar, so this could be an excellent buy for a larger-handed player who wants a more portable instrument! Its sound has a very dense low- to mid-range with a pleasant amount of high tones on top.

Brand new Access gig bag included and free shipping within the continental US!