Altarwind Madeline Hurdy Gurdy (used)

Regular price $ 999.00

A good entry-level hurdy gurdy! "Madeline" model by the Altarwind company of Oregon. Previous owner purchased about 5 years ago and barely used. This one has metal/synthetic strings instead of synthetic gut. From Altarwind's website:

This box shaped model is patterned after the early medieval hurdy gurdies that were popular from 1,000 a.d. - 1,300 a.d.  It has a quieter more subtle voice, which lends nicely to medieval music or vocal accompaniment.  We revamped the old medieval design with modern enhancements (metal tangents, drone capos, and more), and turned it into the most complete hurdy gurdy package at its price point.


  • 4 strings–  2 melody strings, 2 drone strings
  • Fully Chromatic!
  • Trompette / chien /the 'dog'  (buzzing bridge)
  • Decorative soundhole Rosettes 
  • Geared tuners
  • All hardwood construction for best possible tone. 
  • Fully adjustable tangents
  • Hinged lid for easy access to wheel & tangents
  • Removeable Handle