Lee Gayman 32-String Church Pew Harp (used)

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This harp is only available for local pickup at our store in Takoma Park, MD - it cannot be shipped.

This is one of two identical 32-string harps built by Lee Gayman, a luthier, harp enthusiast & collector based in Mechanicsburg, PA, who passed away in 2015. We have been assisting the family with the sale of items from his estate (the other Church Pew harp was sold through our shop).

The harp is in very good condition, looked over by our harp repairperson for structural integrity. Some of the bass strings will probably need to be replaced soon. It is well-made and has a nice tone. Full Loveland sharping levers. The label inside offers a detailed description and the story behind these harps:

This Celtic harp is one of two instruments built in 1996 to the Glory of God using materials from a retired choir-loft church pew. The pew became available following the 1992 renovations of the Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church.

These instruments were built from original plans drawn with a computer CAD program. While it was necessary to use some materials other than pew lumber, all major components (soundboard, pedistal and stool) are made of the mahogany and poplar from the pew. The choice of finishing colors and the pedestal molling was made to resemble the original pew (the choice of Queen Anne legs was used because of the Queen Anne table in the church parlor). Careful inspection may find filled (or unfilled) nail holes and unusual gluing practices used to reshape the recycled lumber to necessary thickness.

It is my desire that this will continue to be an instrument of praise and that it will continue to reflect the joy of its musical heritage. The symbol of the Presbyterian Church USA carved in the pedestal is used by permission of the General Assembly.
- Lee Gayman, June 1996