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Composite Banjo-Ukulele ca. 1920s (used)

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This is an attractive instrument of solid construction, with simple, clean lines, that has been restored and set up by our senior luthier so that is in very good condition!

It has a well-matched high-quality neck and rim from different instruments, perfectly wedded and fully reconditioned. The two-piece maple neck has center laminates, french polish, most likely by Oscar Schmidt (from heel design) with a Stewart-like headstock pattern. The 8" rim is bird's eye maple veneer with the outside refinished in satin lacquer.

Fretboard and faceplate of man-made material. 13 and 1/8" soprano scale. Newer nickel-plate hardware. Upgraded with L-shoes in place of original hex shoes; 12 repro flat hooks and nuts. High quality friction pegs of the period. Newly mounted recycled calfskin head over hollow brass tone-hoop produces strong tone. It has been restrung with La Bella strings with wound 3rd.

There is no case included, but we offer 10% discounts on any gig bag or case purchased with this instrument!