36-String Ornate Wire Strung Harp (used)

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This is one groovy harp! Though there is no maker's mark evident, the basic design is a "Tara" (a stock plan set sold through Robinson's harp shop). The previous owner purchased it from someone in NC who said it was built by a harpist/instructor/craftsman named James (Jim) Kurtz. She had purchased it from him directly (he built it for himself, played it professionally for many years and recorded albums with it). It has 36 wire (not nylon!) strings, with early Truitt levers on all but the highest (C) string. An electronic pickup is installed with input jack at the base, which is in working condition.

The back has an eye-popping, intricate sun/moon/stars theme over a pyramidical diamond motif in the veneer work. The neck is made of a plywood pin block material and the pillar is decorated with bas-relief Celtic knots, triskel accent cartouches, and a faux ruby to cover the pillar bolt at the foot of the pillar. The front feet are later additions, carved to a fanciful nautilus shape.

The harp measures about 62 inches tall at its tallest point, and about 28 inches wide. A tuning wrench and padded green canvas case/cover are included, though the case does not enclose the feet of the harp.

Our harp luthier Rick Kemper performed a "gold level" restoration on this harp, which included the following:

- The original piano tuning pins were replaced with conventional tapered harp tuning pins

- All string eyelets replaced, some barrels replaced

- New set of strings

- Regulated (Rick commented that the neck to pillar joint is sound, but the neck had capsized 3-4 degrees past vertical - however the regulation has appeased this.

- Previous crack between neck and knee block had been filled with wood putty; this has been determined to be sound.

We would prefer not to ship this harp, but it is possible (continental US only). Rick Kemper would build a custom shipping crate at a cost of $225. Special freight shipping will vary depending on the destination, but from past experience, is likely to be in the $500+ range.