Dusty Strings D10 12/11 Hammered Dulcimer (used)

Regular price $ 425.00

Dusty Strings D10 dulcimer, made in Seattle WA in 1985 - nice deal for a beginning player. Its 12/11 configuration plays easily in the keys of C, G, D, F and their relative minors. Solid mahogany construction will give a richer, warmer sound than similar laminate-wood models. New price on this model is $825.

This one is in very good playing condition, but has significant cosmetic wear to the finish on the bottom edge (does not compromise structural integrity).

This dulcimer includes a soft dust cover, but no case. We can ship safely without a case, though there is some element of risk (but package will be fully insured). A new Dusty Strings case is available for $165.