Jackson Guldan 4/4 Violin w/case & bow (used)

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Jackson Guldan 4/4 violin. Spruce top, maple back & sides, Dominant strings. We installed a new bridge and new Wittner composite tailpiece. We would rate this as Very Good in playability (has a light, bright tone), and "Good" cosmetically - has some cosmetic wear and fading on fingerboard. Sticker on back reads "First National Institute of Allied Arts."

Jackson Guldan was a string instrument company operating in Columbus, OH from 1915-1971. Their violins and violas are known for being good "workmanlike" instruments, with a surprisingly good sound.

Brown fiberglass case and Potters Violin Shop fiberglass bow included. Bow has lost some hair but is still quite usable. Rosin, dampit, pitch pipe & liquid peg compound also included.

Shipping is $40 within the continental US.