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Rudolph Doetsch 4/4 Violin w/case, 2 bows (used)

Regular price $ 1,500.00

Rudolph Doetsch full size violin, made circa 1980s for Weaver's Violin Shop in DC. Solid 2 piece flame maple back, spruce top. Very good condition; repaired crack at bottom of f-hole on the treble side. Extra-tall chin rest.

This violin is a logical upgrade for the advancing beginner. It is a classical sound rather than folk, in that the voicing is consistent across the strings - almost warm and chocolatey range without any chirping or barks. A fine instrument created by Bill Weaver in DC's legendary "Weavers Violin Shop" circa mid-1980's.

Oblong hard case included, as well as 2 bows (both serviceable, but could benefit from a rehair), rosin, 2 used sets of strings (Evah Pirazzi and Obligatos by Pirastro), the previous bridge, a dampit, a rubber practice mute, and a shoulder rest.