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James Cox Guarneri 1634 Violin

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Violin built by Baltimore, MD luthier James Cox. Made after Andreas Guarneri, 1634 (original violin is in the Ashmolian Museum in the UK). This is a very early iteration of the violin before it had been codified to eighteenth century standard by Strad et al. The deeper ribs give some darker viola quality to the tambour of the instrument. The Perry family of Dublin Ireland made violins of this pattern into the twentieth century, and much of Irish fiddle history was made on violins of this type. 

The back and sides are of European maple aged about twenty years, the top of Romanian spruce aged about 8 years at the time of carving. The neck is American Maple from Pennsylvania, aged thirty some years at the time of carving. The finish is an oil tempered spirit varnish, shop compounded, hand brushed and rubbed out.

This violin was made about 6 years ago, but has never been previously sold or owned. Cox has kept it at his shop in Baltimore where it has been "seasoned" and broken in some, but not "used" in the normal sense. It has an amazing dynamic range!

Oblong hardshell case is included.