Stagi 18-button English mini concertina

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1.5 pounds, hexagonal, white plastic buttons, quality leather bellows have 10 folds in 2 sections of 5 each. Leather thumbstraps, and the same pinky straps on the other side. (instead of the metal pinky rest found on larger models) Two styles: mahogany with dark brown bellows (pictured) or black finish with black bellows.

Featherweight and real cute, it's a great street performer's instrument. People are always amazed at the music you can make on this little squeezebox, because they think it's a toy instead of a real instrument.

It's almost like a "button pennywhistle" with 2 sharps and 1 flat, not quite fully chromatic like its big brothers; it is missing only G# and Eb. Plays in C, G, D, F, and the relative minors and Irish modal scales over a range of almost 2 octaves, from C to B. Very nice tone, quite loud despite its size.

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