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1980s Korg CX-3 Analog Organ (used)

Regular price $ 900.00

Analog Korg CX-3 organ made in the early 1980s. With original detachable legs and power cord. This came to us via an estate and we do not have more specific information on dating/provenance. In good condition - some oxidation on legs and cosmetic scratches, but all appears to be in working order.

This model has nine drawbars, a volume knob, an overdrive knob, two percussion buttons (4' and 2 2/3' percussive sound), percussion volume, percussion decay knob, key click knob, tone control knobs (bass and treble), tuning knob, three presets (jazz, octaves, full organ), rotary speaker emulator button, slow-fast button for rotary speaker, effects send and return, rotary speaker control jack (slow-fast), high level output for a PA system, and low level output jack for plugging into a guitar amplifier.