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Arabic Qanun Kanun (used)

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The Qanun (or kanun) is a traditional Arabic stringed instrument found in Syria, Turkey, and other countries of that region. It is a plucked zither with 26 courses of strings. Qanuns have special metallic levers or latches under each course called mandals. These small levers, which can be raised or lowered quickly by the performer while the instrument is being played, serve to slightly change the pitch of a particular course by altering effective string lengths.

We do not know much about about this particular instrument in terms of when or where it was made, as it was part of an estate. The previous owner did not leave any information to the family about it, and there is no label or maker's mark. We believe it is an Arabic (rather than Turkish) style, as it has 5 skin insets at the bottom (Turkish qanuns usually have 4). Dimensions are approximately 42.5 inches long by 18 inches wide. 

It appears to be in very good condition with no cracks or structural issues. All strings are present, and the tuning pins function well. It definitely needs a thorough tuning; currently we don't have any staff who are familiar with the correct tuning. A nice hard case is included, as well as the tuning key and two fingerpicks.

Shipping is $150 within the continental US - this is an oversized item.