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Bob Gramann #139 Fretless Openback Banjo

Regular price $ 1,800.00

From Bob Gramann: "I like plunky open-back banjos. These sound exactly like I want a banjo to sound. They are made with a glued-up block Walnut rim with integral hard wood tone rings. The block rim makes a very solid foundation for the banjo's sound and tuning. The walnut armrest can be easily detached.

"It's easier to play than you might expect. All of the chord shapes still work--the fingerboard dots are at the intonation points rather than the middle of the fret positions. More a melody instrument than a chording one, it has a primitive, plunky sound."

The #139 model has the following features:
-12" walnut 3-ply pot
-Walnut neck
-Persimmon fretless fingerboard
-Walnut peghead veneer
-Metal Vega-style armrest
-Persimmon tone ring
-Fiberskyn head
-Brass Gotoh tuners
-All-American woods
-Hard case (and complimentary stuffed animal) included!

Bob Gramann is a respected luthier throughout the mid-atlantic region. Based in Fredericksburg, VA, he has been building guitars and banjos since 1992 and has been a player for over 40 years. For more information, visit