Custom-Made 13/12 Sam Rizzetta Hammered Dulcimer (used)

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Sam Rizzetta custom-made this 13/12 hammered dulcimer for acclaimed dulcimerist Maggie Sansone in the 1990s. It was the dulcimer Maggie played at the MD Renaissance Festival for many seasons. 

Measuring in at 18 x 42 x 3, this instrument has a solid mahogany top/back and flamed maple sides. It appears to have a slightly-different-than-standard tuning for dulcimers of this size, with the lowest course A, and the highest course G/D.

Our luthier has reglued the soundboard joint and two open back seams (pictured) and replaced strings as needed. The exterior is cosmetically worn from several decades worth of use (and carrying handle has a chip out of it but is still usable), but the instrument itself plays wonderfully!

Gig bag included!

Shipping is $100 by UPS Ground within the continental US.