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Djembe Drums from West Africa

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We work with several different suppliers to have an ever-changing selection of traditional rope-tuned djembes from various West African countries. These have wood shells and goatskin heads. Most are handpicked by us for the best sound, and are examined for any wood cracks or holes in the skin. We know what separates a "tourist drum" from the real thing, and curate our stock appropriately.

We have a range of djembes from Ghana, Guinea, Senegal and sometimes other countries. Some are carved and/or painted in some way; some are plainer. Sizes also vary - "small" size is around 9-10" diameter, medium is about 10.5-11.5" and large is 12-13." Each drum will look and sound different. We also often have used djembes availabile. It's not feasible for us to list every individual drum we have for online purchase. But if you would like more specific help in choosing a djembe, email us. We can also set up a video call to show and play our current stock.