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EH Philips 4/4 Violin, 1913, w/case & bow (used)

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Nice vintage German-made violin. Maple, 2-piece back. E fine tuner. Oblong hard case, Kun shoulder rest, and hexagonal J. Dvorak bow included.

This instrument was just refurbished by our violin luthier with repairs including:
- Cleaned/Polished
- Glued Open seam
- Straightened Bridge warp
- Adjusted bridge, nut, pegs, & minor touch up
- Glued treble wing crack + small crack at top edge, no cleats.
- Cleaned bow, Refit eyelet.
- New Pro Arte string set.

The violin plays nicely with a crisp high range, and rich, dark but warm low end. A nicely aged, warm violin.

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