Fretless 5-String Banjo ca. 1870s (used)

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Fretless openback banjo of unknown make. Based on features, our senior luthier thinks it was likely made in the 1870s. This was once a fretted banjo; the frets had been removed and fret slots were empty when it came to us. It has a spun-over rim (11" pot), 6 round hooks, horseshoe-shaped cast-bracket shoes (very rare!), squarish headstock, Buckbee-style neck, violin pegs and round strut. Scale length is about 26". This banjo comes to us from a larger collection of a longtime customer and respected old-time musician.

Our luthier completed the following restoration work:
--fit new ebony pegs
--fit new ebony nut
--inlay wood flush fret markers (1-12)
--retouch/recondition neck
--new goatskin head
--Set up: refi/shim neck, replace tailpiece loop w/gut, restring with nylgut

A new Access Stage One openback gig bag is included. Shipping is $75 within the continental US.