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Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 2007 Conversion Amplifier F317123 (used)

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This amp comes to us from the estate of a local electric guitar builder & collector. It was originally a 1983 Fender Concert, from the Rivera era of Fender amplifiers. In 2007, it was converted by Fuchs to this Overdrive Supreme, a service that would cost $1400 or more today, plus the cost of the source amplifier. Fuchs is not currently making a combination amplifier, but an ODS head sells new for $3955. Serial F317123.

We are not sure whether the previous owner did the conversion, or if they purchased it this way, but we did confirm with Fuchs that the conversion was done in 2007. The amp is in very good condition and fine working order - it may never have been gigged with! Footswitch included.

Amp weighs 67.8 lbs. The amp is loaded with NOS tubes: The two power tubes are Phillips 7581As. (The 7581/A tube is an industrial strength version of the 6L6GC which is also said to be the American equivalent to the British KT-66. The ratings 7581 are roughly the same as the 6L6GC while the 7581A has higher ratings.) The preamp tubes are RCA, Phillips, GE and Mazda varieties of 7025 and 12AX7s.

The 12" speaker is a vintage ElectroVoice EV SP12 that was re-coned by Weber. Pics are included of the large bell/magnet and chrome frame speaker.

In the late 90's, reverse engineered schematics for the Dumble amps started to appear on the internet, catching the attention of musician and electronics enthusiast Andy Fuchs who started building his own version of the Overdrive Special which he named the Overdrive Supreme.

After several build requests from friends and encouragements from his wife, Andy decided to make his amp building hobby into a business. Something that proved to be a very successful move as he now, almost two decades and several new amp models later, operates his business together with several employees in a 5000 sq foot factory in Clifton, New Jersey.