Gibson F-5G Custom Mandolin (used)

Regular price $ 2,499.00

This is a Gibson F-5G mandolin that was part of a limited series custom made in 2000 for the Nashville Public Library Foundation. The mandolin's previous owner used to work for the foundation, and relayed that they think 5 of these were made. The top finish is overlaid with the following text (decals that were then lacquered over):

~ Tis the good reader that makes the good book - Ralph Waldo Emerson
~ Opry Mills
~ Nashville Public Library Foundation - May 10 2000

The back also has an "Opry Mills" decal.

To the average mandolin shopper the text addition may be unusual, but the good news is that this is otherwise a very clean, standard F-5G at a great price (new price on an F-5G is $6,399)! Solid spruce & maple, extended ebony fingerboard, tuned parallel tone bar. No significant cosmetic or playability issues. We put on a fresh set of strings. Plays nicely and is all you expect from a modern Gibson F-5. Original hard case included.