Gibson F4 Mandolin, 1916, with pickup, original case (used)

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A 1916 F4, serial 28650. Maple/spruce 2-point oval-hole body with scroll, shaded red varnish, white binding, fancy headstock with black faceplate & backstrap, bound white, slant script "The Gibson" inlaid. Paper label is intact. Magnetic pickup has been added (works well), fitted into pickguard with volume knob. Original hard case included, in very good condition.

Of note: the fingerboard and neck were previously widened (likely a former player had big fingers). From the nut down to the 7th fret, wood was added to both sides of the fingerboard, those frets were replaced with longer ones, bindings re-adhered, and neck was swelled out to fill the wider width  with some kind of putty, and cleverly camouflaged it with a new finish. Though unusual and unfortunately devaluing the instrument somewhat, we opted not to undo this work before resale. It can be done, but would be costly (our luthier estimated $400-$600). The fingerboard width at the nut is 1 10/32", and then it gradually widens out to 1 15/32" around the 5th fret, before tapering down again to standard width at the 7th fret.

Our senior luthier Marc Glickman, who has decades of experience restoring vintage Gibson instruments, went over this mandolin carefully and performed the following work:
- Pickguard & pickup removed, cleaned/tested and remounted
- Interior transverse brace removed & reglued
- New Gibson-style adjustable bridge fitted
- New Golden Age F-style funers w/ivoroid knobs & bushings installed (required minor modifications to headstock)
- Loose top seams reglued
- Tailpiece cover slide replaced
- Set up with D'Addario EJ62 strings, frets dressed, adjust nut, clean & polish

Both this and the 1917 F4 we also have for sale came from the same consignor - a family member was likely the original owner and these had been in storage for awhile. This one has a nice bright tone. Though this is certainly not the cleanest vintage F4 you'll find, it's a great player and stage-ready with the pickup.