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Gibson L-48 Acoustic Archtop Guitar, 1961 (used)

Regular price $ 2,000.00

The L-48 was introduced after WWII as a simple archtop acoustic (pressed laminate construction). We believe this one dates to 1961 (serial 962423). It has Kluson Deluxe tuners, which are likely not original. Structurally and cosmetically, it's in very good condition, with only minor finish scratches. Our luthier reattached the pickguard, reglued some loose binding, and checked the setup - it was recently restrung by its previous owner with Tomastik Bebop 12-50 strings, and plays and sounds wonderfully!

A chipboard case is included which is likely original, though in fair condition: one side of one hinge is totally ripped from the chipboard.

_ 1 11/16" nut
- 24.5" Scale
- 16" Lower Bout
- 3.25" Body Depth