Gold Tone Dulciborn Lap-Style Weissenborn Dulcimer

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Gold Tone co-owner Robyn Rogers is a gifted Appalachian dulcimer player. She wanted to offer her fellow strummers something unique: a mountain dulcimer that could hold its own with the other instruments in a playing session. Robyn and Wayne Rogers looked to Gold Tone's Weissenborn guitar as a possible platform upon which to build this totally new kind of dulcimer. Thus, the Dulciborn was born! The huge air chamber of the Weissenborn's design includes the neck of the instrument, which is hollow. Because of the light string pull common to dulcimers, the braces under the Dulciborn's solid spruce top could be lightened to increase the sensitivity and volume of the instrument and the pin-type bridge energizes the top more vigorously. As a result, the Gold Tone Dulciborn is louder and has better bass response than any conventional hourglass-shaped cherry wood or mahogany dulcimer. Even if you already own an Appalachian dulcimer, you need a Dulciborn!