Gramann Chesapeake Acoustic Bass #89
Gramann Chesapeake Acoustic Bass #89

Gramann Chesapeake Acoustic Bass #89

$ 3,000.00
From Bob Gramann: "These guys are big!  And loud (for an acoustic bass guitar)!  The body is 19 3/4" long and 16 3/4" wide at the lower bout.  With a 33" scale length, you can easily sweep the other players off the stage when they stand too close.

Acoustic Bass Guitars have a reputation for being not so loud.  I built the first one of these as an experiment to see if I could get around that reputation.  Since the body of a guitar can't be big enough to effectively amplify the lowest of the bass notes, I designed this bass to accentuate the second harmonic.  In the case of the low E string, that means I accentuate the 82 Hz instead of the fundamental at 41 Hz. There is a psycho-acoustic effect where our brain fills in the missing fundamental when it hears the overall shape of the note, so the bottom E sounds loud even though it is really the second harmonic of that note that gets to your ear.  A body this size can amplify 82 Hz quite well, so this instrument can be heard when playing with an acoustic group. 

Using computer analysis (a Fast Fourier Transform), this instrument shows about the same power as my acoustic upright bass although the distribution of the peaks is different. In practical terms, that means it sounds quite loud to someone standing in front, but the deepest bass notes don't fill the room all around like the upright bass does.  There is plenty of headroom in these basses, so when you really want it loud, you can play with a pick for much more volume.  Each has a K&K Pure Bass Pickup installed for when you do want to plug in."
Sitka top, mahogany back/sides/neck, EI Rosewood bridge & trim, Macassar ebony fretboard, K&K pure bass pickup, hard case included. 33" scale, 1 11/16" nut.
Bob Gramann is a respected luthier throughout the midatlantic region. Based in Fredericksburg, VA, he has been building guitars since 1992 and has been a player for over 40 years.
Built with the fingerpicker in mind, each of these instruments sings louder than than its size. The top braces on all are scalloped and the bridges are carved to be light to allow the top to respond quickly to both high and low notes. The saddles are tall allowing easy picking and a strong response to a soft touch. The models are named after rivers in Virginia.
Bob says "Most important is achieving such a rich, full sound that it is loud enough for performances without amplification. Amazingly, even tiny adjustments can enhance both tone and volume, producing a responsive instrument that feels good to play. Building these "live" guitars has become almost an obsession. Any idea for a new feature or an improvement means I have to build a guitar to try it out. I build only a few instruments each year, so I have always tried to build something I would want to play. So far, I feel successful. And, I feel honored by the great players that have bought my instruments."
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