Irish Jigs and Reels for Accordion

Irish Jigs and Reels for Accordion

$ 6.95

Book 2. Arranged By Frank Gaviani

Grade 4+

This is book two of a two-book series, each book contains 45 or more of the best known Irish dances so often requested at weddings and parties..

Songs include:


  • Alistar McAllister - Highland Fling
  • An Old Reel - Irish
  • Barney's Goat
  • Blackberry Blossom - Irish Reel
  • Bonnie Dundee - Scotch Jig
  • Bridge Of Lodi - Hornpipe
  • Champion - Irish Jig
  • Country Dance, A - Irish
  • Cup of Tea - Irish Reel
  • Devils Dream - Irish Hornpipe
  • Dick Sand's Hornpipe
  • Drops of Brandy - Irish Triple Jig
  • Durang's Hornpipe
  • Favorite Clog
  • Fireman's Reel
  • Flogging Reel - Irish
  • Highland Fling
  • Highland Fling - Scotch
  • Highland Skip, The - Strathespey
  • High Steppers - Fancy Jig
  • Humors of Castle Comber - Irish Reel
  • Joys of Wedlock - Irish Jig
  • Kerry Dance - Irish Jig
  • King Charles Jig
  • King of Diamonds
  • Kitty Of Coleraine - Irish Jig
  • Kitty O'Neil - Irish Straight Jig
  • Low Backed Car - Irish Jig
  • Molly Brallaghan - Irish Reel
  • Money Musk - Reel
  • Paddy Whack - Irish Jig
  • Patrick Was A Gentleman - Irish Jig
  • Pretty Girl Milkin' Her Cow
  • Rakes of Kilare - Irish Jig
  • Rakes of Mallow, The - Country Dance
  • Rocky Road To Dublin, The - Irish Triple Jig
  • Royal Irish
  • Sailor's Hornpipe - College
  • Salamanca Reel - Irish
  • Shamrock - Irish Straight Jig
  • Shoemaker's Dance - Danish Fold Song
  • Silver Bells Clog
  • Sprig of Shellelagh, The - Irish Jig
  • Stop Buck or Jig
  • Swallow Tail - Irish Jig
  • Turkey In the Straw - Buck Dance

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