Jose Ramirez 1A Brazilian Rosewood Classical Guitar, 1974 (used)

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Please read the following description carefully! This guitar is sold on consignment as-is, without a return option.

Handmade in Spain, dated 1974. Solid cedar top, solid Brazilian Rosewood back & sides, ebony fingerboard. Hard case included. 650mm scale length, 2-inch nut width.

Why the low price for a Brazilian 1A? Two factors:

When this guitar came to us, it was buzzing significantly and the action was noticeably high. Our senior luthier examined it, and remarked that the action cannot be made lower without extensive modifcations - adjustability is maxed out and a neck reset is not possible. Instead, a fret board replacement could compensate for the neck angle issues. However, our luthier was able to crown, level and polish the frets and do a general setup. The guitar is now fully playable with no buzzing, and sounds quite lovely. But it is not ideal in terms of adjustability from a technician's standpoint, and the action remains on the high side. At the 12th fret, the action measures 9/64" on the high E, and 11/64" on the low E.

The other reason for the low price is that though we are fairly sure this is a 1A model, we cannot guarantee this with certainty. As you can see in the photo of the label, there are two gold stickers applied to the original label which may be covering up the model number. The label has a light blue border, which we know was used to signify 1A models in the 1970s. A red border was used for 2A models. However, there were occasions when a 1A would not meet the standards of that model, and was then designated a 2A.

Our aim is to be as transparent as possible with this description, so we hope this will help interested buyers determine if this is the right guitar for you. Again, it is fully playable in its current condition, but could present issues later on.

This guitar can only be shipped to buyers in the United States.