Kaayna Musicals Sarangi (used)

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Indian Sarangi from the Kaayna Musicals company. Set up by our Indian instrument specialist and playing nicely. Soft case and bow included.

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The Sarangi is an important bowed string instrument of North Indian classical music tradition. Carved from a single block of wood, the Sarangi has a box-like shape, usually around two feet long and around half a foot wide. The lower resonance chamber is hollowed out and covered with parchment and a decorated strip of leather at the waist which supports the elephant-shaped bridge. The bridge in turn supports the huge pressure of approximately 30 to 40 strings.

It has three or four main playing strings of heavy gut. These are the ones which are bowed. It also has an addition metal sympathetic strings, which give the instrument it’s characteristic sound. The instrument has no frets or fingerboard; the strings float in the air. Pitch is determined by sliding the fingernail against the string rather than pressing it against a fingerboard (like violin).

The Sarangi, when played by a master, is capable of closely imitating the nuances of the human voice.