Kay Pro 172-H Thinline Archtop Electric Guitar, 1956 (used)

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A sweet vintage Kay archtop electric! Top of the line in the 1950s. All hollow and a beefy neck. This one does have a fair amount of cosmetic wear (including some hardware corrosion and finish cracking on the heel and back of headstock) and once had a "poor man's neck set" (screw through back to hold neck heel) - but is now in great playing condition after a visit with our luthier. Output jack was replaced, frets were crowned/cleaned, pickups were adjusted, and general setup was done. No structural issues.

This guitar had come to us with high action, and in order to lower to shop spec without a neck reset, we removed one of the height adjustment nuts so that the top and bottom of the bridge rest directly together. The nut is not original (may be made of antler); there is what may be an original nut in the case pocket.

This one is a rare Honey Brown finish (hence the H suffix) - the only example we've seen! 25.5" scale length and 1.75" nut width.

Original hard case, still in serviceable condition, is included.

This instrument was part of the collection of the late Johnny Fox, sword-swallower and performer for many years at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, who passed away from cancer in 2017. We are selling it on behalf of Johnny's estate.