Master Works Russell Cook Edition (16/16c) Hammered Dulcimer (used)

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Made in 2016, excellent condition. Our repairman replaced a few strings and tuned. Soft case included.

From the Master Works website on this model:

During many conversations, I’ve been asked what would I include in an instrument built the way I would like it most. That got me thinking it might be wise and beneficial to simply offer a model called, for the lack of a better name, “The Russell Cook Edition”. How ingenius, huh?? So, what would I put in my dream instrument (which I play every day)?

  • Start with a 16/15 Ultralight
  • An extra 16th bass course which allows me to have a low C, D, G or A
  • Scalloped bridges which lightens them and makes them more flexible
  • Rosewood bridges which produce a rich mellow tone
  • Chromatic option
  • Redwood stripped into the soundboard to add just a touch of it’s attitude and tone
  • Redwood braces to amplify the effects of Redwood in the soundboard
  • Mahogany back to amplify and deepen tone
  • Redwood stripped into the back to amplify the effects of Redwood in the soundboard
  • Thinned and honeycombed internal endrails to lighten the instrument AND to create an extension of the soundboard thus making them musical rather than just structural
  • Note honeycombing technique in photo gallery
  • Thinned and tapered external endrails for the same reasons as the internal endrails
  • Dark stained top to visually aid seeing the strings in unusual or poor lighting
  • Extra slots along the edge of the soundboard to make it more vibrant
  • Separated bridge caps (Delrin) to help control sustain
  • Exotic wood in the endrails (my personal favorite!)
  • Wound Strings on lower end
  • Special sound hole inlays, exclusive to the Russell Cook Edition